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SharkSkunker is the first proven effective on demand shark repellent.  Utilizing a powerful shark repellent, our systems deploy one long or multiple short bursts at the shark(s).  SharkSkunker’s repellent forms a cloud that as the shark(s) come in contact with, coats the gills of the shark(s) as it takes in the water to breath.  As the repellent coats the sharks gills the shark(s) loses it’s ability to take the oxygen out of the water (losing it’s ability to breath).  This in turn triggers the shark(s) fight or flight instinct and causes the shark(s) to flee the area, leaving the victim(s) and rescuer(s) to retreat to safety.

SharkSkunker’s rescue systems are built into a float and are tethered so that they may be moved easily through the water.  SharkSkunker systems are also designed to be utilized as a rescue float that can keep a victim afloat much like the rescue floats utilized by Life Guards.

SharkSkunker can be used as a rescue system from land or from an ocean going vessel.

SharkSkunker systems may be used by a rescuer from land.  The rescuer can swim out to the victim in the same a Life Guard would with their rescue float.  Should the rescuer encounter sharks while working they way out to the victim, the rescuer may deploy the SharkSkunker system in the direction of the sharks.  Once the sharks have moved away from the repellent the rescuer may complete the rescue and move to the safety of land or a vessel.

SharkSkunker systems may be tethered to a vessel and heaved out to a person that is being harassed or attacked by shark(s).  By utilizing the float the person in the water can stop treading water (movement attracts sharks) and as necessary deploy the pressurized on-demand repellent system.  The system being tethered to the vessel also makes it possible for the people on the vessel to slowly pull the person in the water back to the safety of the vessel.



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